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Restoring Decay

Most tooth decay starts in the narrow pits and fissures on the chewing surface of a back tooth, or on the smooth surfaces between the teeth where it is difficult to clean. Decay in these areas is one of the most important things we are looking for at a check-up.

X-rays can also be useful to identify early decay. From a patient's perspective, you are often not aware of tooth decay until the enamel surface has collapsed into the softened, decayed dentine and a cavity appears.

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Removal of the decayed part of the tooth under local anaesthetic is usually straightforward and a filling placed to rebuild the original shape of the tooth.

In our practice, ALL the fillings are tooth coloured and bonded to the underlying tooth for extra strength. The benefits of tooth coloured fillings are not only that they are more aesthetically pleasing than amalgam (silver) fillings, but also that the procedure also leaves more of the healthy tooth structure intact, thereby helping to prevent further problems occurring in the filled tooth in future.

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