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Our Philosophy

Every practice now offers preventive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, accept nervous patients etc. etc. - but what does it actually mean? The term preventive dentistry can be used to justify just about anything. After all, a mouthful of crowns can prevent teeth from breaking and prevents the need for dentures, but it is not really what patients expect. Here's what the term means to us:

Preventive Dentistry

Instead of preventive, we prefer the term minimal intervention. This means finding the simplest, effective solution to a dental problem that preserves as much tooth structure as possible. Such treatment is not only more comfortable for the patient, but is also less costly both in biological terms to the tooth and in financial terms for your pocket!

True preventive dentistry, in other words, actually preventing tooth decay and gum disease from starting in the first place, falls mainly within the expertise of the hygienist. This is important for ALL age groups as our teeth and gums are constantly at risk from these diseases. Everyone builds up plaque on their teeth - not everyone gets disease. Learning how to control it is the most important element of preventive dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentistry

This often implies enhancing the natural appearance of your teeth and refers to specific types of treatment such as tooth whitening, veneers, crowns to realign and straighten crooked teeth. Aesthetic dentistry however, means much more than this:

It embodies the idea that every bit of dentistry we do is designed to keep your teeth looking their best, even the simple stuff.

For instance, we NEVER use metal fillings and all our crowns are tooth coloured.

Not everyone is blessed with a set of teeth that they are happy with. There are many truly cosmetic procedures that can improve their appearance. Naturally, we tend to prefer the less invasive options and so offer our patients Inman aligner orthodontic treatment to quickly straighten crooked smiles and "bleaching and bonding" to whiten and correct misshapen and broken teeth.

There is further information and real life photographs of a variety of cases that we have treated at Lady Bay Dental Care in the Treatments section of the website.

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