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Winter 2011 Newsletter

New Technology

The Final piece of the practice computerisation jigsaw is now in place. The objective from the outset was to improve communication between ourselves and our patients, not only the "office stuff" making appointments,reminder letters etc, but also in the surgery, to help you understand your treatment better. We have used for a long time a digital camera to show images of your teeth on screen so you can see what we see.

We have now added x-rays to the digital imaging process. So now, instead of peering at tiny films on a viewer, you can see them on full screen!

Furthermore, the images are processed more quickly,without the use of any environmentally damaging chemicals and more importantly use only a quarter of the x-ray exposure required by conventional films.

New Products

We have introduced a new range of oral hygiene products into the practice. Manufactured by Curaprox a swiss company, the full range of toothbrushes and interdental brushes are quite different and superior to what you may have used before. The brushes support the iTOP philosophy and are very soft. first impressions are that they are too soft but after having used one for a week or two I would not go back to anything else now. Considering that 90% of our patients have gum recession or tooth brush abrasion, this could be an important factor.

The interdental brushes do not bend like others and so are far more economical in use. They will also go through spaces where others will not, and come with the option of a longer handle for better access.

What do you think?

As we move into 2012 a new regulatory body called the care quality commission(CQC) will take on the responsibility of ensuring all dental practices meet certain quality standards.

One area they are particularly keen to promote is the involvement of patients in how the services are developed.

Don't worry-we will not be asking you to complete endless questionaires. I think they are the most over-used and pointless management tools. But do be aware that we are always open to comments,suggestions and even complaints about our practice. Only by telling us what you think can we improve our service. To this end we have placed a suggestion box in the waiting room or if you have any concerns at all just talk to a member of the team.

Late cancellations

Over the last few months, we have had a spate of appointments cancelled by patients at late notice(less than 24hours).

We have always reserved the right to make a charge for late cancellation, but so far have rarely done so. However, the problem has become quite acute,perhaps as people realize they will not be charged.

It is always difficult to decide what constitutes an acceptable reason for a late cancellation, but please be aware that a £20 charge will be made if less that 24hours notice is given.

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