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Spring 2015 Newsletter

It has been some time since we have produced a newsletter. This is partly because not much seems to have changed in Dentistry recently - Except the mountain of paperwork that we now have to produce to be "compliant". (In fact that's probably another reason why we haven't had to time to write a newsletter!)

Anyway, time has passed and some things have changed. Not least of which is our staff. For a while we had contracted down to just one hygienist, Jane, who has been with the practice now for over 18 years and is in the practice Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I was doing a lot more of the scale and polishes myself, which I did enjoy, but as it seems I have developed carpel tunnel syndrome in my right hand, it is time to hand this treatment back to the Hygienist.

Consequently we can now also offer Hygienist appointments on Thursdays with Libby Sullivan, an experienced Therapist who has recently joined the practice.

Other staff changes are our new nurse Jen (who actually has been here for over a year now!!) While we still have Nic on the desk and my wife Barbara working away behind the scenes to keep us all on track. Jen is a qualified Nurse and also has her Oral Health Educators Certificate, she works with me 4 days per week and is also working alongside Libby to offer preventive advice.

Inman Aligner

This is a removable orthodontic brace that is designed to quickly re-align the front teeth often in a matter of only a few months. Two clear bows in front and behind the front teeth are activated by springs that gently guide the teeth into their ideal position.

An initial assessment to take measurements of your teeth is free and the full treatment cost is normally from £1200 with payments spread over the period of the treatment.

Bicon Dental Implants

After many years of deliberation over this growing area of dentistry we are pleased to now be able to offer Bicon Dental Implants in the practice.

Why so long, and why Bicon? Well, implant dentistry always seems to have been shrouded in almost mysticism, with ever more complicated and expensive systems. This was never the way I liked to do dentistry. Keep it simple has always been my motto, Bicon is just that. A cleverly engineered system that has been used successfully in America for over 20 years.

It is gentle on the patient with every component designed to work together for a predictable straight forward outcome every time. The cost is also significantly less than most other systems at £2,000 per tooth, still not cheap, but in some situations of a missing tooth it offers the best solution.


The fish has died ☹

Probably the longest living lone minnow in history, he finally came to rest in February 2015. Much missed by Nicky who has no one to talk to on the desk now!

RIP Fishy, 2007-2015
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